Whether it's illustrations with poetry or shop signs, Savo is a enthusiastic practitioner of calligraphy.

While this age old tradition of Japan is slowly fading and disappearing, Savo is still practicing it like in the old days. With his ink stone and brush, and on traditional Japanese paper he will write that in which he wishes to create. 

This art form is very important for Savo, and he truly enjoys creating beautiful calligraphy for himself and for others.


Sometimes it may take days and hundreds of attempts until the desired flow and form is achieved.

This way of doing it may seem out-dated, especially with the ease and reversibility of modern technology, yet for Savo this is what makes it special. For him this is in some way a form of meditation, slowly honing his mind together with his brush. It is also a way for him to preserve the Japanese tradition and spirit of the written form, and help in keeping it alive for future generations to practice.

Enjoy Savo's calligraphy works!

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece, go to the shop or contact page. 

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