Kanna is special to Savo for many reasons.

To Savo, it is more than just collecting and restoring old Japanese kana. It is about restoring the use of the kanna as well. 

While most of Japan (and the world) have moved on to factory-made, electric tools; Savo continues to use traditional, hand-made, Japanese tools. He believes in the history and quality of these tools. It was with traditional tools like the kanna that built a rich culture that could endure many earthquakes and tsunamis.

The kanna is designed to plane wood. This means it creates a smooth surface on the wood by shaving off thin layers. Not only does it give the wood a beautiful finish, but it also gives it preserving capabilities. Wood that has been planed by a kanna becomes water and insect resistant because the sharp blade is actually cutting the wood off. Another method, like sanding, breaks down the wood grains and will weather eventually.

The kanna requires great, continual maintenance, which Savo understands and explains often. He enjoys showing people how to use and care for the kanna. His dream is to help the Japanese people (and any interested foreigners) remember that these tools were designed specifically to build strong buildings that would withstand the extreme natural occurrences of Japan. Not only are they historic items, but functional tools for the present day.

With this hope in mind, Savo collects and restores old, traditional kanna that he either uses or sells. If you are interesting in learning more about the kanna or purchasing a restored kanna, please send Savo an email, or come experience it yourself! 

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about kanna, go to the shop or contact page. 

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